Clinton’s Guide to Online Greatness

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Before we all mindlessly rush into developing our digital profiles like LinkedIn for example, lets take a step back and think this through!

You might be wondering, “WHY? Stop wasting my time! Everyone is developing their profiles with social tools, I need to join them too!”

Yes! I understand your point of view as based on Jobvite 2015, 92% of recruiters used social media as a recruitment tool. HOWEVER,  if everyone is doing the same thing, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SHINE!

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Firstly, I strongly believe that we should  google ourselves, by doing so, we can predict and remedy any potential problems that may arise. This article shows just how important this step is! This is a stage where we can literally “see” what our bosses can see of us. “To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy”- Sun Tze.

Secondly, We need to have a selective branding mindset. Based on the study of Barret-Lennard (1998), authenticity can be measured by 3 dimensions. The first aspect of it is the degree of self-alienation, where we contemplate who we truly are? who are we being? and who are we compared to? a low level of self-alienation is needed to engender a high level of authenticity. The second aspect is the degree of which we behave and expresses emotion in a way that is consistent with who we are actually are. The final aspect is the extent of which we allow ourselves to be influenced by others in regards to conforming to their expectations.

As we are branding ourselves online, it is crucial to keep Barret’s model in mind to develop an authentic online professional profile. You can also refer to my topic 2 post in regards to the importance of selective online branding.

Thirdly, We need to understand the concept of hyper connectivity. Based on a study, it is shown that in the age of information overload, effectively curating content is what really matters. We must be able to point and direct our viewers to the information that we planned on showcasing! Everybody can post content online, but can all of them successfully showcase it to their target audiences? The above video is an example of how a business adopts the idea of it.


To develop an authentic online professional profile, I believe that we must keep in mind of the concepts that I mentioned above. I feel that these are the primary key things that people tend to miss out on as they focuses on the technical aspects of developing their digital profiles.

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3 thoughts on “Clinton’s Guide to Online Greatness

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  2. Hi Clinton!

    Nice reading your post. I like the way you actually come out with a framework for people to start building up their online profile. After reading your post, it actually occurs to me that people do not plan how they will go about doing it when it comes to establishing their online profile. What they know is what they have to do but not doing it strategically. By doing strategically meaning, knowing who your audience are and what are the best ways to reach out to them like you have mentioned about knowing the concept of hyper connectivity.

    I also agreed on your point that everyone can post content online but the most crucial part is whether the content I posted will reach out to the intended audience that I’m targeting. On a whole, great insight!

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